P&S Moving FAQ

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Q. How To Get An Estimate For Moving?

To estimate your move we encourage you to fill out our Online Estimate Form. The form is quite detailed and will remind you to include those lawn chairs or the bike in the garage that you forgot to think about. Alternatively - and at any time of your communicating with us - you can Give us a Call. If you live in the area, we will visit your place to evaluate the amount of inventory and packing work needed. This visit is FREE of charge and is part of our total service package.

Q. How To Select The Right Mover?

A reputable, good mover should have an established place of business, license and insurance. It is not wise to use a mover who is new to the business. They may not know what they're doing, or they may be a fly-by-night who were doing business under another name last month and will be doing business under yet another name next month, staying one step ahead of the law. You want a mover who has been in business for a while, who knows the business. You should ask your mover to supply you with a few references. A satisfied customer is the best sales tool for a mover.

Q. Can Clothes And Other Items Be Left Inside The Furniture During The Move?

We recommend that all clothes and items be removed from inside the furniture. This includes all desks, dressers, armoires...etc. This makes the furniture much lighter and easier to move. It also limits wear and tear to your furniture during the move. Generally the only items of furniture that can be safely moved with items still in them are small light pieces containing very light belongings inside (sweaters, shirts, blouses, lingerie). Be careful NOT to leave fragile items and anything that might spill or leak.

Q. Will the movers take care of my home?

With P & S Moving and Storage the driver will note any existing home damage on the home condition report, afterward we will protect floors, door jambs, railings, etc. Origin and destination home will be taken care of.

Q. Will the mover's wrap my belongings?

With P & S Moving and Storage all furniture is wrapped and unwrapped inside the customer's house. All upolstered furniture will be shrunk wrapped.

Q. What if I want to pack myself?

P & S Moving and Storage will be happy to provide you with all the used cartons and paper you will need, at no cost. We wil bring the material to your home and answer any questions you have about the boxes and packing, as well as supply you with a booklet on self packing.

Q. How can I pay my moving bill?

Cash, money order, certified funds, for local and intrastate moves. Credit cards are accepted for interstate moves. Payment to be made prior to unloading.

Q. What happens if I need storage?

P & S Moving and Storage has a storage facility available to store your items as needed.

Q. Where can I go to check out my local agent?

The Better Business Bureau is an excellent indicator of a company's business practice. At P & S Moving and Storage, we are a member in good standing.

Phone: 1-734-729-6712